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Since we specialize in specialty work, defining what is truly special is hard to do.  The below pictures embody what we feel is truly our specialty.  We were tasked with installing modern, high performance windows into an old stone house not ever intended to be energy efficient.  We were also tasked with replacing all of the trim work and wood siding with new, modern materials that would be rot proof and would not need a huge amount of maintenance.  The hardest part was that the customer wanted the house to look just as it did originally and did not want to notice the new modern materials.  Also part of the job was repairing all the damage created by previous contractors that didn’t understand that water is the biggest enemy of a home.  We were turned loose on restoring the outside of the house to what it once was, but we actually made it better! 

Over the course of a year and a half, every window was replaced with custom Pella units installed from the outside to maintain the integrity of the interior trim.  Each window was custom sized for the individual opening to make sure the trim reveals were spot on.  All jambs and moldings were recreated out of Azek PVC matching the original molding profiles perfectly.   In the areas that had wood siding, everything was removed back to the tongue and groove and rebuilt using Azek trim as well as Hardie board siding.  All of the fasteners used were highly corrosion resistant or made of stainless steel.  Every window, door, and piece of drip edge was capped off in copper.  All of the fascias & soffits were custom made out of Azek as well.  Something you cannot see from the pictures is that there is not a single piece of stock trim on the house.  Every single piece features a bead detail that had to be milled ahead of time. 

All of the ridge vents had to be custom crafted out of Azek as well.  Nothing was stock, and everything was custom.  Every single piece of roof flashing was replaced and counter flashed.  All exposed work was done in copper and hand soldered in place.  The whole home was painted with high quality Benjamin Moore paints.  The cost of all the high quality sealants, paints, and insulations used priced into the thousands.

Water infiltration was the second big reason for doing this job outside of the desire to have new windows.  Numerous roof leaks were repaired, but the subsequent damage took much longer to complete. During our time there, large portions of the stone walls had crumbled and had needed to be repaired and pointed.  Foundation damage was prevalent around the garage and the wood sill had all but rotted away.  The center column of the garage doors was completely gone and was being supported by the garage door tracks.  The whole garage was jacked and lifted off the foundation allowing us to completely replace all the rotted wood and to restructure the decaying foundation.  Numerous delays such as these kept us from finishing for quite some time, but without fixing the underlying problems, we would have been just as bad as the rest of the contractors.

After all of the structure had been repaired, and the siding and window work complete, we began to put the icing on the cake; copper gutters, aka house jewelry.  Berger Brothers copper half round gutters and downspouts were used all around the home.  Every bracket was attached using stainless steel fasteners and the all of the joints meticulously hand soldered in place.  The end result was simply stunning.

So what’s our true specialty??  I would have to say that our true specialty is being able to be given a lengthy and complex task, and being able to execute it to the "t", or even beyond expectations, without much oversight or worry from the homeowner.  You can put your trust in us that we have the knowledge and expertise to complete the job.  What ever gets thrown at us, whether it is water infiltration damage or even a hurricane, we can handle it while you continue on with your daily life.  Our integrity is paramount.  You can trust us to do it right when you’re not looking, and in today’s world, we feel that is truly a specialty.