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Bathrooms are just as important as kitchens. These are hard working areas that take plenty of abuse. Ensuring the water stays where it should is the key to a successful bathroom renovation. The second most critical thing is removing the water vapor left over from bathing. Adequate bathroom ventilation is a must. We use Lutron timers along with Broan & Panasonic bath fans to make sure we get the correct amount of air changes per hour. High quality Benjamin Moore paints make sure that the water vapor never penetrates the drywall. When we start a bathroom renovation, the process is the same as how we do a kitchen; back to studs. Itís the only way to go to ensure a quality start.

Our showers are usually handmade, full tile installations using Schulter Kerdi & drains along with a made in place dry pack shower floor. All plumbing products that we spec and install are Kohler fixtures. Kohlerís reputation speaks for itself and their quality is unmatched. Just like in our kitchens, we always use all plywood construction cabinets. Particle board in a moist environment is one of the worst ideas ever, so we never do it. When it comes to countertops in bathrooms; marble and manmade Corian or Meganite run equal in terms of performance. The ease of cleaning a one piece built in Corian sink sometimes outweighs the elegance of marble. Typical costs for one of our bathrooms is $25,000 and up. Master suites typically are $35,000 and up.

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