Remodeling & Renovations

Whether it’s one room or all the rooms, we can handle it. Restoration or custom all the way, it’s not a problem. Our focus is on the working portions of the home, kitchens and bathrooms, but that’s not to say we won’t do a bedroom from time to time. We’ll build additions or bump outs, finish a basement or attic, or even convert an old shuffle board room into a master bedroom suite.

    Project Type   Description 

Complete Bathroom Remodel
$25,000 and up

  • Complete gut back to studs and subfloor.
  • All new electrical up to current codes.  Plumbing will be replaced or relocated as needed.
  • Proper lighting and ventilation is a must.  Adequate light fixtures as well as oversized fans and timers for proper dehumidification.
  • Drywall with high quality paints to resist moisture & mold growth.
  • Ceramic tile with proper support & waterproofing.
  • Kohler® bathroom fixtures & faucets.


Master Suite Bathroom Remodel
$35,000 and up

  • Slightly larger than a normal bath and usually with an extra piece such as a shower stall or hydro massage tub.
  • Usually attached on to a master bedroom with more floor space then typical


Kitchen Remodeling
$60,000 and up

  • Complete gut back to studs and subfloor.
  • All new electrical above and beyond current codes.  Plumbing will be relocated as needed.
  • Lighting to be installed for general illumination as well as specific tasks.
  • Ventilation to exceed requirements for your specific cooking appliances.
  • All solid wood cabinet doors with plywood boxes.
  • Granite, Corian®, or Meganite® countertops.
  • Tiled backsplashes.


$25,000 and up

  • The sky is the limit, or rather the budget is the limit.
  • Typically will involve all trades.  Mechanicals will sometimes need to be upgraded in order to handle the new space.
  • Egress requirements are a must and are a code requirement.
  • Prices will vary depending upon size and what you plan on using the space for.


$250 per square foot and up

  • Pricing depends mostly on finishes, placement, and what is going to go inside.
  • Relocating a kitchen to an addition is more costly than a simple family room addition.
  • Design services to fit within you municipal code requirements.


Room Renovations
Prices Vary

  • Renovations of interior spaces that aren’t kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Molding upgrades, drywall refinishing, lighting upgrades, floor installations.


Whole House Renovations
$125 per square foot and up

  • Involving whole homes or major portions of a home, such as an entire master suite or kitchen/dining/laundry area.
  • Planning for the inconvenience factor of having half a home torn apart is a must.
  • Integration of work to form a cohesive end product.
  • Overall design and coordination.