About Us

As a general contractor, our approach to home renovation is the total package solution. We design every project to work as seamlessly as possible with your existing home, blending new into old, and keeping aesthetics proper throughout. Details make a house a home, and we don’t leave any out. We’ll match your existing trim work and door styles, and if they aren’t made any longer, then we’ll make our own. Need a custom copper hood for that kitchen? We can build that as well.

Why spend money on a brand new kitchen, only to still be frustrated with electrical circuits tripping or a slow draining sink. We assess every project from the foundation up to make sure the final product functions as well as it looks. Mechanical systems are the key to a properly functioning kitchen or bath, why leave them out? We don’t. We specialize in making mechanicals work for you. From electrical to plumbing, we do it all.

As a small company, we pride ourselves in putting quality first above all else. Being small, we are able to easily adapt to changes and bumps in the road. If it takes an extra trip back to your home, or an extra day of labor, then that is what we’ll do to make sure the job is done right and you, the customer, are happy. We only use the best materials from the best suppliers. We put a lot of time into doing the homework and researching new products so you don’t have to.

When it comes to a specialty, our niche is doing niche work. We are a low volume, high quality, every job is different type of contracting company. We focus on the unique, the one off, the labor intensive down and dirty work. Anyone can build an addition, or renovate a bathroom, but we excel at doing the unique and the creative. Custom cabinetry, custom trim, marble floors, custom tile work, copper work & flashing, and much more.